Head of Hospital

Direktorius Arvydas Skorupskas
+370 45 50 15 30

Curriculum vitae
Born in Kaunas on 5 March 1964. Married. Raising a daughter and a son.
Sciences: In 1982 he graduated Kaunas 28th Secondary School.
Doctor surgeon, abdominal surgery doctor and master of health management.
Working activities: 1988-1989 Kaunas Clinic doctor intern. 1989 -1993 Doctor surgeon of Kėdainiai Hospital. 1995-2018 Doctor of abdominal surgery of Vilnius Clinical Hospital.
1992-1993 Deputy Chief Physician of Kėdainiai Hospital for Polyclinic Affairs. 1995-1996 Deputy Head of Health Department of Vilnius City Municipality. 2002-2003 Director of Development of the Sanatorium of PLC "Eglė". 2012 - 2016 Adviser to the Minister of Health. 2016-2018 Deputy Director for Medical Affairs of Širvintai hospital.
Director of the Public Institution of Panevežys Republican hospital on 24/04/2019.
Facts: 2014-2018 Head of The Ministry of Health and EU Mission "Humanitarian Aid for Eastern Ukraine", Coordinator of the Ministry of Health (Assistance to Ukraine), expert on development cooperation projects "Assistance in reforming psychosocial rehabilitation in eastern Ukraine in the Poltava, Dnipro, Luhansk, Donetsk areas".
Since 1997 is a Chairman of the Lithuanian Society for Health Management.


Hobbies: travel, fishing.

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