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Likėnai Rehabilitation Hospital is waiting for all those who want treatment, strengthen health, regain well-being.

Likėnai Healthcare Center founded in 1890, now Likėnai Rehabilitation Hospital is a branch of the Public Institution Panevėžys Hospital. Everybody wishing to recover, regain strength are welcome to Likėnai Rehabilitation Hospital. For relaxation we offer a walk in one of the oldest Lithuanian park, visiting Smardone spring and the only one mineral water Biuvette in Northern Lithuania, in Likėnai.

Personal health care services are provided in Likėnai Rehabilitation Hospital: secondary inpatient medical rehabilitation II (damages of the mobile-support apparatus, diseases of the nervous system), secondary inpatient supportive rehabilitation (damage of the mobile-support apparatus, diseases of the nervous system), adult outpatient rehabilitation II (damage of the mobile-support apparatus, diseases of the nervous system).

Medical rehabilitation shall be applied after the following damage to the mobile-support apparatus:

  • after multiple fractures (polyinjuries)
  • after long, pelvic fractures
  • after neurological fracture of the uncomplicated vertebrae, multiple dislocated
  • after injuries to muscles and tendons
  • after joint surgery (arthroplasty, osteotomy, arthrodesis)
  • after joint replacement surgery
  • after limb amputation
  • after microsurgical limb surgeries

In diseases of the mobile-support apparatus:

  • arthritis, per arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis
  • ankylosing spondylitis and other inflammatory spondylopathies
  • psoriatic and enteropathic arthropathies
  • deformable hip, knee, ankle, shoulder osteoarthrosis, polyarthrosis
  • systemic connective tissue diseases

In diseases of the nervous system, in the presence of diseases and lesions:

  • stroke (ischemic hemorhagic)
  • cerebrovascular disorders and other diseases, myelopathies
  • after brain injuries, surgeries
  • after spinal cord damage, surgery
  • after meningitis, encephalitis, cerebral and spinal arachnoidite, epiduritis
  • multiple sclerosis, other demyelinating diseases
  • parkinsonian disease, secondary parkinsonism
  • after brain and spinal cord and their membrane tumors, abscess removal operations
  • in the presence of inflammatory polyneuropathy
  • after vertebral discs, spondylolysis, stenosis surgery
  • in diseases of the root and plexus of the nervous system, radiculopathy
  • in the case of brain injuries and cerebrovascular diseases
  • in the event of spinal cord injury
  • in cerebral palsy, other paralysis syndromes
  • with vibrating disease


Using modern methods of medical rehabilitation, the following are applied:

  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation physician consultation, establishment of an individual rehabilitation program
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy and Balneotherapy (hot tubs for hands and feet, pool exercise, mineral/pearl baths)
  • Massage
  • Functional diagnostics

Logotherapist, Psychologist, Social worker consultations are provided. Training of patients and their relatives.


Temporally acting of Head of Department Inga Kaučikienė

Head of the Food Preparation Department Jurgita Grubinskaitė
43 Likėnai St.
Likėnai, Pabiržės sen.
Biržai district

Reception 0682 65464 or (0-450) 59 218

Notice: Contacting a foreign citizen in his or her native language, please send inquiries and your contacts by e-mail:, you will be contacted by phone or a written request will be answered.




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